The History of Whey Milk

Milk-Lite, formely known as Meadow Fresh, is the original whey-based milk beverage invented in the heart of the Rocky Mountains by Roy A. Brog after 30 years of research. The whey-milk concept is so original that patents have been issued by the U.S. patent and Trademark office. We are the original!

Image of Cache Valley, Utah

Roy became interested in nutrition and health at a young age while working in his father's swiss cheese factory in Star Valley, Wyoming.After studying cheese making and the value of whey for three years in Switzerland, Roy was convinced that cows' milk was ideal for baby calves which gain up to 600 pounds in their first year. He also realized that human nutrition requirements are vastly different than that of cows.

Milk-Lite captures the best part of cows' milk in the form of whey. The fat and caseinate are removed or modified and the nutritional deficiencies of cows' milk are bridged to produce a product extremely rich in nutritoin, but lacking in the negative factors attributed to cows' milk. Visit our "Health" page for more information about the negative aspects of cows' milk.